“Before seeing Michelle, I was scared that I would watch my body spiral downwards. I was experiencing unpredictable vertigo to losing copious amounts of hair. I was at a loss because I couldn’t find a doctor to listen to me, and instead, told me that I was young and healthy. Deep down I knew this was not true. I kept getting cookie-cutter advice and I felt so hopeless. All this changed when Michelle was able to tell the environmental factors associated with my symptoms based on my blood work. In comparison to other healthcare professionals, she understood where I was in terms of my life and personal goals. Michelle carefully worked with me and gave me powerful guidance, which led me to feel confident and educated about my body and health. Now, it was a no-brainer for me, I have both my parents go to Michelle as their nutritionist. Thank you, Michelle, for taking care of my family and me!”

– Christina Y 

“Upon returning from my yearly endocrinologist appointment, I was in trouble. My cholesterol was way too high and if I didn’t lower it ASAP, my doctor was putting me on a statin (which I did not want to take). I knew that I had to do something, so I set up an appointment with Michelle McKeon, a Certified Nutritionist. She looked over all of my blood work, and we had a detailed conversation about how I was feeling and any concerns that I might have in addition to the high cholesterol. Michelle addressed each issue with me, and explained why she was recommending for me to take certain things. She was open, honest, and thorough. Michelle took the time to explain how what I would be taking would make a difference with the functioning of my body, and why the dosage mattered as well as the combination of what I was taking with other things, and when I should take it, was so important.  

After sticking to the protocol that Michelle developed, I was feeling better. I knew that things were working before I even saw my test results. I was not having the occasional chest pains. I was less tired, and my thinking was clearer. When I went back to see my endocrinologist to discuss my new blood work, he was delighted at my results. My cholesterol was lowered significantly. I was getting healthy! I not only have Michelle to thank for lowering my cholesterol with supplements that I considered healthier and without side effects, but she also got my hair and nails healthier too. Aging is a fact of life, but I now understand how to keep myself in optimal health. Thank you Michelle for your expertise, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and for doing what you do….and doing it so well!”

– Cheryl M

 “Michelle has been just as valuable as my doctors. Besides her knowledge of the St George Clinic, she has been so helpful on my path to recovery. Many times, I return to my doctors with my list of my supplement protocol and my daily detox therapies that she has put in place.  They are impressed with my program. They tell me to stay with it, and that I am doing everything right. She listens to me about my symptoms and has given me the voice to ask my doctors for certain test and questions.   Sure enough, the tests come back showing exactly what she thought, and we get to work treating those items. She also keeps you on the right path, as sometimes we forget to do things when we are just too tired. She is so easy to get a hold of and she makes ordering the supplements a breeze from her website. I highly recommend Michelle no matter what illness you have, or even if you are healthy, as we all need to work on our health no matter what.”

– shelby F 

“After nearly 3 years of very poor health and an early British test for Lyme which came back negative, I had the more conclusive test with Armin Labs in Germany which resulted in a positive Lyme test with co-infections. After researching treatments, I contacted Michelle McKeon, who provided great information and support and made the whole process so easy. I’m so grateful for the support from Michelle and can’t recommend her service highly enough.”

– Stuart KinNear

 “I was diagnosed with Babesia Duncani and Anaplasma co- infection diseases last April of 2015, and being a cancer survivor I needed to find effective treatments as quick as possible. My sister, Line, was also diagnosed with chronic lyme and several co-infections last year after being misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia for 8 years. We discovered Michelle McKeon through my dear friend who also has lyme disease in Connecticut. We found her services very valuable. Michelle is so amazing, compassionate, effective and professional with her work. She is passionate and committed to seeing that her clients get well. I already experience the wave of well-being. We are so glad we went. Michelle McKeon has been a light on a dark and scary path. Heart felt gratitude to all of you and Michelle.”

– Vivianne Nantel & Line Nantel

“Michelle made everything ok from the start – I was humbled when she shared her story with me, and still I cannot believe that she doesn’t just run a mile from any mention of this disease – she’s free! But no, she spent hours helping me ready myself.  She has also told me how to get my thoughts around all the strange little things that are part of Lyme – mold, heavy metals, fog… and she helped me understand in a way that people with brain fog can grasp (I know – we’re pretty much talking miracles here). I looked forward to her calls and emails. For the first time in a long time I actually thought there was a way through and out of this. I just wish I could thank her in person for her kindness, her friendship, and her knowledge. Michelle is absolutely not pedaling snake oil – I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I am well, and it feels like a miracle. I did not even remember what wellness felt like – phew – all I can say is that it is better than you think.”

– Kirstin Bokor

“I’d like to give an unqualified recommendation to Michelle McKeon. Michelle understands the patient point of view and takes a very pragmatic yet caring approach to helping sufferers along the healing process. Like most, I had tried a seemingly endless array of doctors, approaches and supplements. Today my health is dramatically improved – I feel like I have my life back. I feel this was the best investment I could have made. If you want to get on the road to recovery, give Michelle a call.“

– Anonymous Business Executive

“As I had already been though the classic Lyme ringer of being called ‘crazy’ and being misdiagnosed, I decided to delve into some heavy research to see what my options were. Through a fellow volunteer at the incredible Lyme Warrior organization, I came to learn of the St. Georg Klinik. This find led me to the immensely helpful Michelle McKeon who provided me not only with all of the information and guidance I could possibly need, but also a lot of encouragement along the way. I feel incredible, profoundly more at peace within myself and my mind. My whole world has changed. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but the fight was absolutely worth it. Slowly but surely, I am getting my life back and what a spectacular feeling that is.”

– Hannah Barry

Michelle McKeon has been an amazing help.  Her vast knowledge of Lyme disease and treatments as well as her first-hand personal experience made me feel like I was making the right decision in taking this very big step on my journey to better health.  She has always been available to answer any of my questions.”

– Vincent R

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