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Licensed Clinical Nutritionist

Restoring Your Health Through Holistic Mind-Body Medicine & Evidence-Based Nutrition Therapy

Supporting people with chronic and mystery illnesses through individualized protocols that allow you to fully participate in life again.

Restore your health with nutrition therapy

Hi, I am Michelle McKeon, a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist. I am dedicated to guiding you in identifying the root cause of your symptoms so that you can begin feeling like YOU again! I will take a deeper look into your genetics, environment, and lifestyle to create a personalized roadmap to restore your health!

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Healing is Possible

Whatever you have been through and wherever you are starting from, our bodies are designed to heal. However, sometimes our bodies need the right guidance to get there. That is what I am here for!

We are all different – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  What works for one client may not work for another.  Through implementing an integrative, scientific approach that focuses on YOUR lifestyle and specific health needs, we can work together to create true healing for sustainable outcomes.
I specialize in helping with:

Tick-borne infections

Lyme, co-infections, parasites, and viruses can be very complex and stealth pathogens.  Having these infections myself, I can tell you there is hope in getting better, and I can help you fight these infections one layer at a time. It is crucial to receive specific therapies in the right stages so that your body can be receptive to it, and continue to move forward.


Removing toxins like mold, heavy metals, chemicals, or Lyme toxins is crucial to reduce the inflammation in your body so you can see symptom relief.  There are specific ways to test your home, working environment, and your body to determine your toxic exposure.  From there we can find the specific binders and therapies to get them out of your system.

GI Issues/Gut Health

You may be experiencing bloating, bowel issues, or acid reflux, and your list of food sensitivities continue to increase, making it difficult to figure out your dietary options. To add to that gut, inflammation can play a key role in symptoms of depression and anxiety, and the digestive tract controls 70 percent of your immune system.

Chronic Pain & Inflammation

You have been dealing with these symptoms for what seems like forever.  The pain and pressure can start in one area and then move to a different spot in your body.  It can also be very inconsistent, seeming more manageable at times and then other times completely flare-up.  It is difficult to enjoy everyday life with these ongoing symptoms.   

“Michelle McKeon, provided me not only with all of the information and guidance I could possibly need, but also a lot of encouragement along the way.” 

– Hannah Barry

Personalized Nutrition Programs

Balancing Pathways is about working as a team with your body to fully understand and support it in the healing process.  Through combining holistic mind-body medicine with evidence-based nutrition therapy, we can focus on a maintainable protocol that allows you to fully participate in life again!

Comprehensive Health Review

You will have the time and space to tell your story. We can take a more in-depth look into your health history, symptoms, supplements, medications, and your lifestyle. By taking these factors into consideration, we can work together to figure out a clear picture on how to nourish your body.  

Advanced Functional Medicine Assessment

Exploring specialized tests will help us address underlying causes contributing to your symptoms that are impacting your health.  We can test for tick-borne infections, candida, heavy metal toxicity, mold mycotoxins, mineral deficiencies, methylation/genetic issues, GI dysbiosis, and food sensitivities.

Bio-hacks for Sustainable Health

 I will help you implement some tips and tricks so that you can develop new habits to support your body.  I will also break things down so that you can really understand how these changes affect your body, and why they will assist you in functioning at your most optimal level.

Individualized Health Protocol

Functional medicine is a health focused patient centered partnership.  Through implementing an integrative, scientific approach that focuses on YOUR lifestyle, diet, and specific health needs, we can work together to create true healing for sustainable outcomes. 

“Michelle carefully worked with me and gave me powerful guidance, which led me to feel confident and educated about my body and health. Now, it was a no-brainer for me, I have both my parents go to Michelle as their nutritionist. Thank you, Michelle, for taking care of my family and me!”

Christina Y


work with me

what you won’t experience:


Long wait times before your appointment


General Diagnosis or lack of one


Symptom management


Short Term Solutions


Confusion and lack of understanding

what you will experience:


Convenient virtual consults or home visits


Individualized Testing


Relationship and Partnership


Personalized Recovery Plan


Long-term Sustainable Health Solutions

“Michelle made everything ok from the start. She has also told me how to get my thoughts around all the strange little things that are part of Lyme – mold, heavy metals, fog… and she helped me understand in a way that people with brain fog can grasp (I know – we’re pretty much talking miracles here). I looked forward to her calls and emails. For the first time in a long time I actually thought there was a way through and out of this. Michelle was a friend who actually understood! I just wish I could thank her in person for her kindness, her friendship, and her knowledge. I am well, and it feels like a miracle. I did not even remember what wellness felt like – phew – all I can say is that it is better than you think.” 

– Kirstin Bokor


Free Discovery Call

After our 15-minute session, if you are interested in moving forward with working with Balancing Pathways, I can send you the initial intake form to fill out, and then discuss any other information that would be helpful in sending over as well.

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Michelle McKeon

Licensed Clinical Nutritionist

Hi! I am Michelle McKeon, MS, CNS, LDN. I am Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Mold Practitioner, specializing in tick-borne diseases, environmental toxins, gut dysbiosis, and inflammatory issues.  I was first introduced to functional medicine after a debilitating battle with Lyme disease and many co-infections. Taking a holistic approach allowed my body to not only feel better, but also experience sustainable healing. From this experience, I decided to go back to school to receive a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Bridgeport. I have been guiding both local and long-distance clients by addressing various factors that are causing their symptoms. I look for answers through exploring mold mycotoxins, genetic/methylation issues, heavy metals, tick-borne infections, cell membrane damage, parasites and viral infections, candida, dental issues, diet, and gut flora. My hope is to not only support people in their health journey but create a foundation for them to effectively become their optimal selves: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

Podcasts Episodes

Michelle McKeon has been interviewed by Mimi MacLean on Lyme360,  Cindy Kennedy on Living with Lyme, and Richard Johannesen and Matt Sabatello on Tick Boot Camp. Check out these podcast episodes where they discuss her journey with Lyme disease, mold mycotoxins, testing, treatment, detoxification, the hospitals Michelle works with that offer hyperthermia treatment, and Lyme Nutrition Program at LifeSpan medicine.

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“Our mission is to offer assistance at no charge to individuals suffering from Lyme disease and cancer, and to provide trusted information about the benefits of hyperthermia and other treatment options at specialized hospitals world-wide.”

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