There are lots of great resources available on the Internet these days on the topics of Lyme disease and chronic illness. Below are some of my favorite resources that have helped my clients and myself in our healing journey. I hope you enjoy!

Tick Repellant

Tick Tock Naturals

Support Groups

Generation Lyme


Under Our Skin

Podcasts & Radio Shows

Tick Boot Camp – hosted by Matt Sabatello and Richard Johannesen

Living With Lyme – a podcast with host Cindy Kennedy, FNP

Lyme Ninja Radio – hosted by acupuncturist Macaky Rippey

Beyond Wellness Radio – hosted by Justin Marchegiani DC (My Interview)

Bulletproof Radio – various health and biohacking related topics from Dave Asprey and his guests

Extreme Health Radio – excellent shows with health leaders from Justin and Kate

One Radio Network – some great health related interviews from numerous truth seekers with host Patrick Timpone