meet Michelle

Michelle McKeon is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Mold Practitioner who specializes in environmental toxins, tick-borne diseases, gut dysbiosis, and inflammatory issues.  She has been guiding both local and long-distance clients through addressing various factors that are causing their symptoms. Michelle looks for these answers through exploring mold mycotoxins, genetic/methylation issues, heavy metals, tick-borne infections, cell membrane damage, parasites and viral infections, candida, dental issues, diet, and gut flora.

Michelle was introduced to functional medicine after her personal struggle with a debilitating battle of Lyme disease. She sought out hyperthermia treatment and detoxification therapies at a clinic in Germany.

This treatment saved her life, and for the first time she was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Once returning home from the clinic, she immersed herself in daily detoxification and cell membrane repair therapies, vitamins and supplements, herbal tinctures, and she followed a strict diet to aid her body in the recovery process. From this experience, she decided to go back to school to receive a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Bridgeport.  From there became a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS).

Since recovering, Michelle is the owner and operator of Balancing Pathways and another company called Lyme and Cancer Services. She has authored two Ebooks, and advocates for people with health conditions, through collaborating on projects with Generation Lyme, writing articles for health magazines, and speaking at conferences and support groups.

Her passion for nutrition grew from her healing journey, which was aided by living a nutritional and balanced lifestyle.  Her dynamic combination of personal, professional, and educational experiences has created a foundation to effectively support people in becoming their optimal selves: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Experience & Education


I received a Master of Science in Human Nutrition, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Bridgeport.  UB specializes in integrative medicine. This education and training has been the foundation for my program design, and has provided a great understanding of how the human body functions, and the crucial role toxins, genetics, pathogens, and underlying conditions can lead to the development of allostatic overload.

Lyme Disease Specialist

Having gone through my own battle with Lyme disease, and working with clients with tick-borne infections for a decade, I understand how complicated these pathogens are.  Since 2012, I have been working with hospitals in Germany, Mexico, and the US that specialize in hyperthermia treatment for people with Lyme. I guide clients in creating a pre- and post-treatment protocol. I make sure I do not leave any stone unturned.

Certified Mold Practitioner

Having been trained through Dr. Jill Crista’s course – Are you Missing Mold in Your Patient’s, Dr. Sandeep Gupta’s course – Mold Illness Made Simple, and Mold Finder’s Health Practitioner Program, I can go into detail on the specifics tests for measuring the types and the amount of mold mycotoxins in one’s body and in their environment.  Through our collaboration, I can discuss information on how to heal from mold and CIRS through diet, detox, cell membrane repair therapies, and changing the environment and belongings that may be exposing one to mold. 


In my early education, I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Special Education at Marist College. As a fifth-grade elementary school teacher, patience and creativity will forever be a part of me. As a teacher, I loved trying to understand things through the eyes of someone else. This allowed me to present material in various ways so that all types of learners could comprehend for authentic learning. This approach enabled me to think outside the box, which I continue to implement in my practice.

Free Discovery Call

After our 15-minute session, if you are interested in moving forward with working with Balancing Pathways, I can send you the initial intake form to fill out, and then discuss any other information that would be helpful in sending over as well.